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Copper wire granulator machine

copper granulator machine

Copper wire granulator machine is also called a dry-type copper cable plastic separator, scrap copper wire stripping machine, scrap copper wire granulator. It uses pulverization, peeling, sorting and other methods to separate the copper core in the cable from the outer plastic shell. At present, the separation efficiency of this equipment has reached 99.5%. With the rapid development of science and technology, it is also possible to reach 100%.

The copper rice machine can be divided into two types: dry separation and wet separation. However, due to wet treatment, sewage and other environmental pollution will occur, and its separation rate is not as good as that of dry separation. So it is eliminated.

our factory
our factory

How does the copper wire granulator machine work?

Waste cables, wires, and other materials will be crushed twice after entering the copper rice machine. The first is to crush the material into a cable segment of about 3cm. And the second is shear crushing, which peels off the plastic and copper core. At this time, these two materials are still mixed together. The crushed material is then sorted by high-precision airflow to obtain clean plastic particles and copper.

Why is the dry-type copper cable plastic separator welcomed by so many people?

At present, in addition to dry separation, common separation methods on the market also include wet separation, incineration, chemical reagent, and freeze separation.

However, these methods all have problems such as pollution and high consumption costs. The dry scrap copper wire separator machine uses a physical method to separate the plastic from the copper wire and does not produce any pollution during the production process. Moreover, you only need to invest in the machine, and you do not need to invest any capital in the subsequent use. It can be said that this machine solves both the problem of pollution and the problem of high-cost consumption.

Features of the copper wire granulator machine

  1. High separation efficiency. The separation rate of copper and plastic can reach 99.5%, but 3-5% of copper powder and fine copper wires will be lost to the plastic during the sorting process. Our company is equipped with electrostatic cleaning equipment to separate the remaining copper from the plastic again.
  2. Integrated structure design, compact structure, small footprint, the machine can be used after it is placed on the horizontal ground.
  3. PLC control, simple and beautiful appearance, one worker can operate.
  4. The cutter of the crushing system adopts the SKD-11 alloy cutter, and the processing hardness reaches HR58 degrees. Under the condition of ensuring high abrasion resistance, certain toughness of the crushing blade can also be guaranteed. The structure is designed as an alternating figure-shaped shear structure. The copper wire granulator machine adopts a water cooling system to avoid material heating and melting caused by long-term work.
  5. One machine can be used to handle multiple sizes of cables without the need for classification.
  6. As an important part of the separation of copper wire and plastic, gravity separation adopts the Italy air suspension separation process, and the vibration frequency and material suspension air supply device can be adjusted precisely according to different materials.
scrap copper wire recycling machine being made
scrap copper wire recycling machine being made

Technical Parameters

Model External dimension (mm) Crusher power (KW) Air conveying power (KW) Wind sorting power (KW) Dust collection power(KW) Output (KG/H) Weight(kg) 
SY-4002000*1850*260015N/A 0.75+2.20.75100-1501800

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