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Copper Wire Granulator Machine exported to Peru

copper wire granulator Peru b

Recently, we exported a copper wire granulator machine to Peru. The customer wants to use this machine to recycle waste electric wires and other materials.

Order details of Copper wire granulator machine Peru

Negotiate with the machine

This Peru customer mainly operates a waste recycling machine. He wants to use this machine to recycle scrap copper wires. And he wants to sell recycled copper. After understanding his needs, we recommended this scrap copper wire recycling line to him. Although we also have a small scrap wire crushing machine. But from the perspective of the customer’s business scope, we did not recommend its small-scale crusher. This fully waste copper wire granulator machine can better meet the needs of Peru customers. He can use this machine to crush scrap copper wires and separate plastic and copper. We recommended a fully waste copper wire recycling production line to this customer. The customer is very satisfied.

Peru case copper wire recycling line
Peru case copper wire recycling line

Sign a contract

We sent him the video, parameters, and quotation of the machine. He is very satisfied with our copper wire granulator machine. Soon, he ordered a whole production line. After receiving the customer’s deposit, we completed the machine for him within 10 days.

Delivery the machine

The Peru customer had never imported goods in China before. Taking into account the convenience of his receiving goods, as well as the convenience of customs declaration. We recommended the double clearance transportation method to him. Before transporting the scrap copper wire recycling line, we took a detailed picture of the machine for him and thoughtfully posted the mark on the wooden box packaging. Now, the goods are already in transit.

Delivery Video of Copper wire recycling machine Peru

How to operate a copper wire granulator machine?

  • Place the equipment

The scrap copper wire recycling equipment must be placed flat and there is no obvious resonance in the place where the equipment is in contact with the ground.

how to recycle waste copper wire b
how to recycle waste copper wire
  • Wiring

open the power distribution cabinet, find the terminal corresponding to each motor, connect the wire, and check the direction of rotation of each motor. (The fan blades of the dust removal motor are clockwise, the fan blades of the shredder motor are counterclockwise, and the front and rear vibrating motors, as long as the sieve does not accumulate material)

  • Adjust the frequency converter.

The two frequency converters of this copper wire granulator machine are located on the upper part of the power distribution cabinet, beside the digital display screen. The left side is vibration, and the right side is down blower.

scrap copper wire recycling line Peru b
scrap copper wire recycling line Peru b

Adjustment method 1: Adjust both inverters to 0.00. Adjust the vibration first, adjust to the discharge at the copper end, and then adjust the blower. The value of the inverter for the lower blower slowly increases, and you will find that the copper end stops discharging. At this time, adjust the vibration slightly, and point to the copper end to continue discharging. If the discharge at the copper discharge end is not clean, continue to blow under the strip, adjust to the copper discharge end to stop discharging, and then adjust the vibration to cycle until the discharge is pure. (The vibration frequency is directly proportional to the frequency of the lower air blow. If the vibration is increased, the air output should be increased appropriately.)

Adjustment method 2: Adjust the blowing to a certain value (for example, adjust to 35), and then adjust the vibration, (be careful not to adjust too much at a time) and adjust it to the copper outlet.

When the above method is adjusted, ensure that the dust removal before and after are in normal working condition.

After adjusting the inverter, it can be produced normally.

waste copper wire
waste copper wire

Note: To feed the crusher, it must be fed evenly, avoiding a large amount of feed at one time to avoid choking the machine. The screen in the air sorting ensures that it is cleaned at least once a day.

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