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Copper wire recycling Machine Investment Analysis

copper granulator machine

The copper wire recycling machine is a machine that separates copper and plastic using dry crushing, separation, and screening methods. In recent years, due to the increasing requirements for environmental protection, the method of treating cables and wires by incineration has been abolished. However, the cost of using liquid nitrogen and chemical reagents is too high, so this method is also abolished. The manual stripping method is only suitable for thicker diameter wires, what’s more, the production efficiency is not high. The emergence of copper wire recycling machines has brought new methods for the recycling of discarded cables.

The necessity of investment. 

In people’s daily life, we will come into contact with a variety of electrical wires. Using these electrical wires will surely lead to an aging day. Therefore, the use of copper wire granulator machines to recycle electrical wires has a certain investment necessity. A dry cable recycling machine is a new type of recycling equipment for renewable resources, which can effectively deal with the current crisis of scarce resources.

Copper granulator
Copper Granulator

Technical feasibility.

 The entire unit is controlled by PLC, with a high degree of automation and strong functionality. It can handle wires of the same specification and cables of different specifications and different diameters at the same time. The recycling efficiency is very high, the separation rate of plastic and copper can reach about 99.5%, and the output can reach 300 kg per hour.

Funding feasibility. 

The price of a copper wire granulator machine is not expensive, and it is affordable for both experienced and inexperienced customers. Of course, the price of different types of copper wire recycling machines is also different, the price of 600 models of copper rice machines is about 60,000-70000 RMB.

Economic feasibility.

Due to people’s concept of environmental protection and resource conservation is getting stronger and stronger, and the method of using scrap copper wire recycling machines to recover copper has been favored by more and more customers. The copper obtained by the traditional recycling method will have a certain impact on quality. It needs to be further smelted and electrolysis before it can be used as the raw material copper. The copper obtained by the copper-plastic separator can be directly used as electrolytic copper. This machine can meet the market gap and create more benefits.

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