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How does a copper cable wire recycling machine work?

copper cable wire recycling machine

A copper rice machine is a kind of environmental equipment for processing and recycling waste wires and cables. The copper cable wire recycling machine is widely used to grind and recycle all kinds of wires and cables, household appliance wires, communication wires, computer wires, and other waste wires. The large and small wires can be processed simultaneously without sorting, so as to realize the dry separation and recycling of various metals and plastics in waste wires. Do you know how the copper wire recycling machine works and operation precautions?

Application and benefits of dry copper wire recycling plant

  • The copper rice machine can process a wide range of scrap wire and cable materials. It is suitable for waste and messy wires, various wires and cables, household appliance wires, communication wires, computer wires, and other waste wires that are not suitable for wire stripping machines.
  • Compared with the wet copper rice machine, the dry copper wire granulator machine does not produce water pollution.
  • The waste copper wire recycling machine is equipped with a pulse dust collector to recover the dust and waste gas without producing air pollution.
  • The metal and plastic separation rate reach as high as 99.9%. The produced metal powder made by the copper cable wire recycling machine can be reused directly as a resource, which greatly improves the recycling efficiency of resources and brings considerable economic value.
Separated copper granules and plastic particles
Separated Copper Granules And Plastic Particles

Working principle of scrap copper wire granulator

When the mixture of two kinds of crushed materials with different densities moves under the action of wind, amplitude motion on the screen of a certain point makes the copper material with a larger density moves close to the screen surface to the exit, while the small plastic material with a smaller density floats on copper to the exit, so as to achieve the goal of copper and plastic separation.

The separation rate of the copper cable wire recycling machine is proportional to the diameter of the single copper wire. The larger the single diameter of a copper wire, the higher the separation rate of copper and plastic.

How does a copper cable wire recycling machine work?

Copper wire recycling plant
Copper Wire Recycling Plant

1. After the copper rice machine is installed and debugged, the equipment needs to be transported by air for 2-3 minutes. After everything is normal, it can be put into operation.

2. Feed the waste wires into the feed port of the crushing machine for crushing, in preparation for the next step of sorting.

3. After the raw material is crushed, it will fall into the conveyor from the lower outlet.

4. The conveyor brings the raw material into the vibrating screen. The vibrating sieve begins to classify the raw materials, and the upper layer of the sieve is plastic skin particles.

The upper layer of the second-layer sieve is a small number of plastic particles and a small amount of copper wire that is not sieved, and the lower layer of the second-layer screen is the finished product particles.

5. The plastic particles on the upper layer of the first sieve are finally returned to the main machine, the raw materials on the upper layer of the second sieve enter the secondary crusher for secondary crushing, and the crushed raw materials are sent to the electrostatic separator through the main machine for separation.

6. The electrostatic separator completely separates the copper and plastic. There is a dust suction port above the vibrating screen, which can be used to suck the impurities and dust in the raw material into the unloader through the fan, and then send it to the pulse dust removal device for dust removal.

Precautions for copper rice machine operation

1. The waste copper wire recycling machine should be installed on flat ground. If the ground is not flat, it will cause the equipment to vibrate.

2. Check whether there is any problem with each part of the equipment, open the upper casing of the crusher, turn the cutter shaft of the crusher by hand, and check whether the rotation is smooth and whether it scratches the bottom screen.

3. Connect the power supply to the power distribution cabinet, and then comprehensively check the equipment for any problems, such as loose bolts.

4. After turning on the power, turn on and off the power switches of each device one by one, and observe whether there is a problem with the direction of the wires.

5. Before the first production, it is advised that the copper cable wire recycling machine runs for half an hour with no load. In this way, users can observe whether there is a problem with the operation of the equipment and facilitate the adjustment.

If you would like to know more details about the scrap wire recycling machine, welcome to send us your requirements.

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