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Scrap Wire Crushing Machine | Waste Plastic Crusher

scrap wire crushing machine

A scrap wire crushing machine is suitable for breaking waste electric wires, all kinds of copper wires, and other materials. It can also be used in plastic recycling production lines for crushing boxes, thin pipes, plastic bottles, PE, PP film material, and other plastic wastes. This plastic crusher is easy to operate, with high efficiency. The wide structure of the flat knife is suitable for crushing thin walls, thin material products, improving the crushing efficiency. Equipped with electronic control safety design, the box adopts a double-layer structure, filled with sound insulation material so that the equipment has good safety and environmental protection, energy-saving, and durability.

How does the scrap wire crushing machine work?

The wire shredder is a piece of mechanical equipment for shredding waste wires. It can smash the waste wires into particles about 1mm in size to separate the copper and plastic in the waste wires.

Plastic crusher machine structure
plastic crusher machine structure

The wire crusher adopts the shearing principle, equipped with special alloy knives for film crushing, and stainless steel material box. The whole machine is a rigid mechanical structure, stable and durable. Even if it is used for a long time, the performance of the machine will not be impaired by crushed materials. Heavy-duty bearings and oil seals, and soundproof partitions, can effectively prevent vibration and noise, and ensure that the processed products are not contaminated by grease.

The motor is equipped with an overload protection device, an interlocking protection system with the power supply, and a cleaning tool protection device to ensure safety during cleaning. The tool can be adjusted telescopically, and it can be used many times after being blunt, and the service life is extremely long. Crush all kinds of soft plastic films easily and easily. Separate design, blanking door, crushing chamber filter screen, easy to disassemble and wash. The machine feet are equipped with pulleys for easy movement.

Application of waste plastic crusher machine

The scrap wire crushing machine is suitable for recycling waste electric copper wires, plastic bottles, paper boxes, PP PE film, and other plastic materials.

Application of waste copper wire crusher machine
application of waste copper wire crusher machine

Technical Parameter of scrap wire crushing machine

Scrap roomф200*230ф220*300ф245*400ф280*500ф410*600ф410*800ф410*1000
Moving knife691215182430
Fixed knife2222444
Amount of scrap100-150150-250250-350350-450500-600600-800800-1000
Screen apertureф8ф10ф10ф10ф10ф10-ф16ф10-ф25
Waste plastic crusher
waste plastic crusher

Waste plastic crusher machine spotlights

  • Large inertia wheel, large button moment, high productivity.
  • High chromium tool steel, adjustable clearance, durable
  • Special V-shaped knife design, large cutting space, low heat generation
  • A large-size feed port can crush a variety of large-volume plastic parts
  • High-quality pure copper core motor, stable operation and low noise.
  • Heavy-duty bearings, dustproof devices, and soundproof partitions can effectively prevent vibration and noise
  • The all-steel frame and base enhance the stability of the machine body.

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