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How to choose suitable copper wire recycling equipment?

copper wire recycling equipment

The copper wire recycling equipment is a new type of environmental equipment for recycling waste copper wires and cables. The copper wire granulator machine is used to smash waste copper wires and separate copper from plastics. It adopts a relatively mature technology to process waste wires and cables. After the mixed waste cables are crushed and ground, the plastic wrap and copper particles are separated, and the purity is as high as 98%. The copper wire recycling market is broad and the return is high. To engage in the copper wire recycling business, what matters should notice when purchasing a copper wire recycling plant? How to choose the waste copper wire recycling machine that suits you?  What kind of copper rice machine has a high separating rate and output?

How to choose the right copper wire recycling equipment?

The following are several tips for the selection of a suitable copper wire recycling machine.

copper wire recycling plant
copper wire recycling plant

1. Select the corresponding configuration of the waste copper wire granulator according to the raw materials need to process. Users need to consider the type of raw material to be crushed, their own budget, local market demand, specific size, and corresponding model.

For example, if you need to smash mixed types of wires, it is recommended to add an electrostatic separator. The sorted copper granules and plastic are cleaner and can increase profits. To recycle wires with a diameter greater than 2cm, a metal shredder can be used for a better crushing effect.

raw waste copper wires and final products
raw waste copper wires and final products

2. It is needed to know the equipment capacity and supporting machines. The price of the equipment varies with the capacity. There are large, medium, and small copper rice machines on the market.

3. Choose a reliable copper wire recycling equipment supplier. Such manufacturers have guaranteed after-sale services, mature technology, stable and reliable quality and performance. The scrap copper wire granulator can apply more materials and bring more benefits. The finished product produced is of high purity and has a broad sales market.

4. It is necessary to consider the durability, energy-saving, and stability of the equipment. The automatic scrap cable recycling machine must have sufficient reliability, and it should be able to run stably under normal use conditions, and the probability of sudden failure during work should be small. Energy saving is the energy consumption required for the machine, that is, the power level of the machine should be high.

Why choose Shuliy copper wire recycling plant?

Shuliy Machinery is a leading environmental machinery manufacturer with over 10 years of experience. We design, manufacture, and sell the machinery and offer comprehensive services for global customers. Our copper wire recycling equipment mainly includes a crushing system, conveying system, dust removal system, specific gravity sorting system, vibrating screening system, magnetic separation system, control system, etc. The copper wire recycling machine has many outstanding features.

company certificates and picture
company certificates and picture

1. The environmentally friendly dry-type copper wire recycling equipment is fed at one time and completed by multiple machines. It is equipped with automatic conveying, sound insulation technology, a cooling system, etc., and a three-in-one dust removal device.

2. High degree of automation, saving labor. Fully automatic feeding, crushing, vacuuming, and separation. Only one person feeds the material to complete the production process.

3. Applicable to wires and cables of various diameters, one feeding without sorting. The new scrap cable recycling plant can smash copper wires of different diameters at the same time. All kinds of automobile circuit lines, motorcycle lines, battery car lines, household appliances lines as well as communication lines, and other waste lines.

4. The new scrap wire recycling machine has the characteristics of a high recovery rate, and the separation of copper and plastic can reach more than 98%.

separated copper granules and plastic particles
separated copper granules and plastic particles

5. High production efficiency and large output. A variety of models are available, SL-600, SL-800, SL-1000, etc., and the output is 300kg/h, 400kg/h, 500kg/h, etc.

6. Environmental protection and no pollution. Compared with the wet-type copper cable recycling machine, there will be no wastewater pollution and copper oxidation. Equipped with a special dust collection system to achieve no dust leakage.

7. It has the advantages of a novel modeling structure, convenient and convenient installation, simple and easy operation, and low power consumption.

If you have any inquiries about the waste cable recycling machinery, welcome to get in contact with us.

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