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How to quickly recycle waste cables with a copper granulator machine?

copper granulator machine supplier

The copper granulator machine is used to recycle and sort copper pellets by physically crushing waste cables and distinguishing the specific gravity of materials. The automatic copper wire granulator realizes high automation of waste wire and cable sorting, greatly reduces labor costs, improves production efficiency, and the equipment sorting rate reaches over 99%.

Recycled copper pellets
recycled copper pellets

How does the copper granulator machine recycle waste cables?

We put waste wires and cables into the shredder of the copper granulator machine. The crushed wire scraps will enter the crusher of the machine through the feeding conveyor belt and magnetic separator.

The crusher further processes the material, turning the wire and cable into mixed copper metal particles and plastic particles. The mixed granular materials are then sorted by the airflow-specific gravity separator according to the difference in specific gravity.

At this time, the copper and plastic will automatically separate due to the difference in specific gravity. The high-voltage electrostatic separator can separate the tiny copper wires in the plastic, further improving the separation rate of the copper wire recycling machine.

Complete set of copper granulator machine for sale
complete set of copper granulator machines for sale

Is recycling copper from electrical wires a costly business?

Generally speaking, the preliminary preparations for launching a copper recycling business involve preparations for production sites, raw materials, copper granulator equipment, and related procedures.

The specific cost will also vary depending on the venue and equipment. Generally, the larger the volume of copper recycling equipment, the larger the required site area.

The commercial copper granulator machine has different models and different processing capacities, the larger the processing capacity, the larger its volume. Customers can choose the appropriate copper granulator machine according to their own needs.

The raw material is waste wires and cables. The price of raw materials will fluctuate up and down due to changes in copper prices. The lower the price of raw materials, the higher the price of copper at the time of sale, and the more profits that can be obtained.

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