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What is the function of a waste copper wire recycling machine?

copper wire recycling equipment

A waste copper wire recycling machine is one of the environmental equipment. Copper in the copper wire has a high recycling value, as a renewable resource. A copper wire recycling machine is to grind and separate copper and plastic in the waste wire and cables for recycling, with higher efficiency than the stripping machine, and the manual stripping method and causing no pollution compared with the way of burning wires. The role and value of the copper wire recycling equipment have been affirmed by the market, but some people may not know the specific functions and benefits of the scrap cable recycling machine. Let us get a view of the copper cable recycling machine and its specific functions?

Introduction to copper wire recycling equipment

Application scope

There are two common types of cable and wires, copper core wire and aluminum wire. The source of waste wire and cable is multifaceted. It can be electric wire, fiber optic, waste home wire, miscellaneous wire, or auto-wire. The copper rice machine is suitable for all types of wire and cable: communication wire, flower wire, miscellaneous wire, auto-wire, single branch wire, multi-branch wire, hairline wire, etc. In short, as long as the waste wire and cable, the waste copper wire recycling machine is able to separate.

Working process

The process of waste copper wire granulator includes sorting, feeding, primary crushing, secondary crushing, and vibrating separation. Adjust the angle of the vibrating screen according to the copper content and the size of the wire diameter. After vibration screening, copper and plastic will be separated by self-selection. The material from the mixing mouth flows to the suction pipe and is sent to crush by the circulating air pipe. The suction duct above the vibrating screen will suck the plastic fiber and other dust in the space of the vibrating screen to the dust removal device for treatment. Copper and plastic flow out from different material mouths, which can separate copper with more than 99% purity.

The copper wire recycling equipment complete set contains the process of crushing, crushing, conveying, separation, etc., with complicated configuration, but the waste electric cable wire processing process is easy. It just needs to put a variety of waste wires into the copper rice machine, and the scrap cable recycling machine can automatically complete all the procedures, and the purity of copper up to 99.5%, ready for direct sale.

What is the function of the waste copper wire recycling machine?

Waste copper wire recycling machine
Waste Copper Wire Recycling Machine

The role of the copper cable recycling machine is mainly for scrap wire and cable for metal and plastic separation, to get copper/aluminum and plastic particles. The machine is through the environmental protection way of waste wire and cable for pollution-free processing, completely abandoned the previous manual, semi-automatic, water washing and other separation methods seriously pollute the environment.

The waste copper wire granulator is specialized in processing automobile electric lines, communication cable wires, and other kinds of cable wire of various grades with diameters below 20mm and various kinds of miscellaneous cable wire which is not suitable for processing by stripping machine. After crushing and separation, the final products have a good recovery effect. The copper wire recycling equipment is equipped with a dust removal system, which effectively protects the working environment.

The daily processing capacity of the scrap cable recycling machine can be 3-50 tons. Customers can adjust the equipment configuration according to production needs.

Value of copper and plastics separated by waste copper wire granulator

What is the value of copper and plastic particles processed by waste copper wire recycling machine?

1. The metal obtained from the waste wire and cable after the processing of copper wire recycling equipment is copper particles. Copper granules can replace electrolytic copper as raw material for the manufacture of metallurgical products, copper foil and copper-clad plates, and other equipment. The copper cable recycling machine is a new type of renewable resource recovery equipment, and effectively saves resources.

2. The PVC plastic separated from the copper wire recycling machine can be made into recycled plastic pellets by extrusion. They are used to make shoe soles, plastic shoes, artificial leather, or high-tech products such as keyboards or to make cables again. Now the plastic separated from the waste wire and cable has wide use.

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