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What’s the point of recycling cables and wires

copper wire stripping machine

Turn waste into treasure and save resources

Waste electrical cables are very common in our lives. How to make good use of these wastes has become an urgent issue in the first place. So how can we turn waste into treasure and turn harm into profit? How can we not pollute the environment, and make full use of this resources?And how can we change them into social wealth?

At present, many copper wire shredder machines have appeared on the market. This recycling equipment has advanced technical guarantee and good recycling benefits. It can recycle wires and cables without generating any secondary pollution, and truly solve the pollution problem from the source.

Reduce environmental pollution

The waste wires and cables are handed over to the copper wire shredder machine for recycling, which not only reduces environmental pollution but also enables waste wires to be recycled. Why not? Many workers know that the main material used in cables is copper. It is estimated that copper in the cable accounts for 90% of the cost, which also reflects the important role of copper in the production of wire and cable from the side. Nowadays, although the price of copper is very unstable, no matter how it changes, the price of copper is more expensive than other metals. In addition, copper is widely used in electrical, light industry, machinery manufacturing, construction industry, and other industrial fields, and its consumption is huge. China’s copper resources are widely used in the electrical and electronic industries. Therefore, copper resources are very important for the country and for enterprises.

Environment-friendly copper chopping machine
Environment-friendly copper chopping machine

Energy saving

With the rapid development of copper resources today, the consumption is huge, and recycling is the main road for future development. And there is a lot of copper contained in waste wires and cables, and almost 90% of the cost is used for copper. Recycling can solve most of the cost, which saves resources and reduces costs. It is a good investment project. And very few people know this kind of equipment in China and abroad. Scrap copper wire recycling machine equipment is a device that can create value, with low investment and high return, while obtaining considerable profits.

In summary, it is clear at a glance how much market space there is in the copper wire recycling machine. The new scrap cable granulator machine significantly improves the efficiency of waste wire recycling, ensuring that there is no copper in plastic and no plastic in copper. The purity of the metal can reach above 98%. Energy-saving and environmental protection, small footprint, low power, high output, and efficiency. Our copper wire stripping machine is by far the device that can completely separate plastic and non-metal. In this way, not only plastic can sell money, but metal can also maintain its original characteristics and sell at a good price.

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