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How much is a 1t/h copper wire granulator in 2021?

copper granulator machine for sale

When there is a large number of waste cables and wires to be treated, a large copper wire granulator will play a huge role. In response to the world’s call to develop a green economy and promote resource conservation, copper wire recycling machines that can automate operations are gradually selling in the market. Well, how much is a copper wire granulator with a capacity of 1t/h in 2020?

Why is the 1t/h copper wire granulator selling well?

We have provided high-quality copper and cable wire recycling machines to customers in more than 40 countries. Our customers report that the use of these machines is very good. Recently, more foreign customers have consulted us for a 1t/h copper wire granulator, and we are curious to summarize why this strong demand appears in the market.

well processed copper granules
well processed copper granules

The 1t/h large-scale copper wire recycling machine is popular because of its good separation effect, wide application fields, and output more in line with customer needs. Customers use the machine not only to achieve automatic control but also to prevent pollution.

In addition, dust and noise are not generated during the production process. This equipment separates the copper and plastic wire sheaths of waste cables into copper particles and plastic particles, which solves the problem of the separation of metal and plastic.

Main features of the automatic 1t/h copper wire recycling machine

1. The machine can realize full-automatic crushing, feeding, vacuuming, separation, and the production process can be produced by only one person feeding. The commercial copper wire granulating machine has an advanced dust collection device that can quickly separate copper pellets and plastic pellets, effectively solving the problem of recycling and processing of wires, and improving the utilization rate of renewable resources

commercial copper wire granulator sold to foreign country
commercial 1t/h copper wire granulator sold to foreign countries

2. The machine is environmentally friendly, does not produce secondary pollution such as dust, and has high recycling economic benefits. Customers can also reduce labor costs, reduce pollution, reduce natural hazards, and improve recycling efficiency and profits.

3. The 1t/h copper wire granulator machine is easy to operate and can be fed at one time. After the crushing process, the automatic conveying device can output the material. The copper wire granulator can handle a variety of materials, and various waste wires, cables, car wires, telephone lines, etc. in the recycling station can be separated and cleaned by the machine.

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