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what’s the price of a copper wire recycling machine

copper granulator machine

The main purpose of recycling waste wires and cables is to recycle the non-ferrous metals inside it–copper. The price of one ton of copper on the international futures market is high, although its price will fluctuate according to market supply and demand. But once the price of one ton of copper reached 70,000 yuan.

From the past to the present, recycling copper materials have been very economically valuable. Moreover, as we all know, China is a country with a shortage of resources, with a large population base and small total resources. However, even so, copper consumption and processing volume rank first in the world. Therefore, recycling resources is even more important for China.

Here we will introduce a labor-saving mechanical pulverization method; that is, the use of copper wire separators to recover wires and cables.

1. This method uses physical crushing. First, the waste wires and cables are broken into small particles to separate the copper wire from the insulation sheath.

2. Gravity separation is used to separate copper rice (small copper wires are called “copper rice” because they look like rice grains) and plastic sheaths to achieve the purpose of recycling copper rice.

This method can handle waste wires and cables, and can also process automobile wires, electric vehicle wires, network cables, communication wires, etc., and is widely used.

It is understood that there is a large market demand for mechanical crushing and sorting processing production lines. China is now mechanized equipment, automation recovered most companies use is very low, a large manual labor intensity. With the rapid increase in labor cost, mechanical disruption using alternative sorting equipment has become a more human tendency.

cable wire shredder
cable wire shredder

It can be said that the emergence of copper wire recycling machines has brought effective methods for copper recycling. Recently, we learned that many customers want to know the price of copper wire stripping machine. This article will help readers understand, how much is a copper rice machine?

First of all, the copper wire stripping machine is also priced according to the model. Of course, the machine with a large processing capacity is more expensive. At present, among the models sold by our factory, the 600 type copper wire separator has the highest sales volume. In addition, there are 400 and 800 models for you to choose from. Depending on the model and machine configuration, the price of this machine is between 60,000-120000.

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