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2 Sets of SY-600 copper wire recycling machines shipped to Italy

packaging of copper wire recycling machine italy

An Italian customer has recently ordered 2 sets of SY-600 copper wire recycling machines. The scrap copper wire granulator is used for recycling various types of automobile circuit lines, communication cables and other cables of various grades and other miscellaneous materials. After crushing, high-voltage electrostatic separation method is used to obtain pure copper and plastic, and achieve comprehensive purpose of utilization and high economic benefits. This copper wire recycling machine Italy is at competitive price and is favored by more and more customers in many countries, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, Afghanistan, etc., and has become one of our hot-selling products.

Copper wire granulator machine overview

Function: separate copper/aluminum and plastic in scrap wires and cables for reuse

Application: copper wire, copper cable, aluminum wire, aluminum cable (with a diameter ranging from 5mm-20mm)

Capacity:  100-1000kg/h

Purity rate of final products: 99.5%

Size of final products: 3mm

Genela machine models: SL-400, SL-600 and SL-1000

What are the benefits of the waste copper wire recycling machine?

Raw waste copper wires and final products
Raw Waste Copper Wires And Final Products

1. The waste wire and cable processed by the copper wire recycling machine can also be used as a recyclable resource, and its products can be widely used in fields of national economic significance such as copper plastics, chemical industry, transportation and urban construction.

2. The copper wire recycling equipment can handle all kinds of miscellaneous cables and wires that are not suitable for processing by the stripping machine. The raw materials do not need to be classified, and they can be directly fed. The copper wire recycling machine Italy can be equipped with electrostatic sorter for sorting. Various miscellaneous wires, network wires, copper wires, aluminum wires, data wires, circuit wires, square wires, plug wires for home appliances, and other copper-containing cables and so on.

3. The copper-plastic sorting effect can reach more than 99.5%. The separated products can be sold directly. The dry copper cable wire recycling machine is equipped with an air separator.

4. Advanced dust collection device, no dust and no secondary pollution. The method of dry separation will not produce water pollution.

Transaction details of copper wire recycling machine Italy

The Italian customer is engaged in the electronic equipment maintenance service industry and has sufficient wire raw materials. He needed two sets of equipment and other accessories are also two sets. After sending the details of the customer’s machine, the customer compared the TZ-400 and the TZ-600, choosing the TZ-400 with a larger output. This customer has done import business and have cooperative freight forwarder, and we offer FOB price for him. After comprehensive communication, the customer finally confirmed the order and signed a purchase contract with us.

If you need the copper wire recycling machine Italy, please send us your specific requirements. We will send you the latest quotation, and detailed machine information.

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