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Copper pelletizer machine’s value in recycling waste wires

bulks of waste copper wire for

The commercial copper wire pelletizer machine is a new type of environmental protection machine. It is a processing machine that can process waste wires into fine copper particles. This copper wire recycling machine can harmless and recycle waste wires and cables, which not only protects our environment from pollution but also realizes the recycling of resources.

The great importance for recycling waste wires by copper pellet machine

  1. Turn waste into treasure

All kinds of waste wires and cables are becoming more common in our lives. How to make good use of these wastes has become an important issue that should be resolved now. The commercial copper wire recycling machine does not pollute the environment and can make full use of these metal resources to create huge social wealth. Shuliy’s new copper wire pelletizer machine can completely separate the outer plastic and inner copper wire of the wire.


2. Reduce environmental pollution

 The waste wires and cables can be recycled and processed by copper rice machines, which not only reduces environmental pollution but also recycles the waste wires. Many companies or workers who have been exposed to wires and cables know that the main material used in cables is copper.

It is estimated that copper in the cable accounts for 90% of the cost, which also reflects the important role of copper in the production of wire and cable from the side. Copper is also widely used in electrical, light industry, machinery manufacturing, construction industry, and other industrial fields, and its consumption is huge. Therefore, the recycling and reuse of copper resources are very important for the country and for enterprises.

3. Save energy

Today, with the rapid development of copper resources, consumption is also huge, and recycling is the main road for future development. There is a lot of copper in waste wires and cables. Wires and cables contain almost 90% copper. Recycling them with a copper wire recycling machine can solve most of the cost, which saves resources and reduces costs.

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