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500kg/h copper wire granulator exported to Canada

copper wire granulator delivery

The copper wire granulator machine is a device specially developed for recycling waste wires and cables. The copper wire recycling machine is mainly used to crush waste wire and cable and separate copper and plastic screening. The Shuliy factory recently exported a copper wire granulator machine with an output of 500kg/h to Canada for recycling waste wires.

Copper wire granulator for shipping to canada
copper wire granulator for shipping to Canada

Why choose the copper wire granulator for Canada?

The Canadian customer has a large-scale waste recycling factory in the local area, which mainly recycles all kinds of waste household appliances, gasoline cans, paint cans, and used cars. The customer said that when recycling old home appliances and cars, a lot of waste wires are often collected.

The customer’s factory does not have the equipment to recycle wires, so they used to sell the collected wires to factories that can recycle wires for processing. In order to improve processing efficiency and expand the business scope of waste recycling, the Canadian customer decided to purchase commercial wire recycling equipment to recycle copper and aluminum from wires.

Copper granule
copper granule

Working process of copper granulator

  1. After the copper wire granulator is installed and debugged, before running the machine normally, the equipment needs to be idled for 2-3 minutes, and it can be put into production after everything is normal.
  2. Feed the waste wires to the crushing host of the machine for crushing for the next step of sorting.
  3. The crusher breaks the raw materials quickly. The crushed raw materials flow into the conveyor from the lower outlet.
  4. The conveyor brings the raw materials into the vibrating sieve, and the vibrating sieve begins to classify the raw materials.
  5. The upper layer of the second-layer sieve is a small number of plastic particles and a small amount of non-screened copper wire. The finished copper granules are under the second layer of the sieve. The plastic particles in the upper layer of the sieve are finally returned to the main machine. Raw materials on the upper layer of the second-layer sieve enter the secondary crusher for secondary crushing, and the crushed raw materials are sent to the electrostatic separator through the main machine for separation.
  6. An electrostatic separator completely separates copper and plastic. There is a dust suction port above the vibrating screen, its function is to suck the impurities and dust in the raw material into the unloader through the fan, and then send it to the pulse dust removal device for dust removal.

Parameters of copper wire granulator machine for Canada

Voltage380v, 50hz
Fan power3+1.5kw×2
Final size0.2-20mm
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