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Cable Wire Recycling in the Philippines with Shuliy’s Copper Recycling Machine

copper recycling machine

With the successful implementation of Shuliy’s copper recycling machine, our Filipino client is poised for sustainable growth in the cable wire recycling sector. The enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the automated solution contribute to the overall success and environmental sustainability of their operations. If you also want to invest in the waste cable recycling business, welcome to ask us for a quote for the relevant recycling equipment.

Cable wire recycling machine for shipping
cable wire recycling machine for shipping

Client background in copper recycling

Operating a compact scrapyard handling various plastics and metal scrap, our Filipino client recognized the need to optimize their copper recovery from the mounting heaps of cable wires. Previously relying on manual labor for stripping and extracting copper, they faced challenges in both efficiency and high labor costs.

Waste cable wires for recycling
waste cable wires for recycling

Faced with a growing pile of discarded cable wires, the Filipino client sought a solution to replace the labor-intensive and inefficient manual stripping method. The answer? Shuliy’s cutting-edge copper recycling machine.

Recommended solution: industrial copper recycling machine

Understanding the unique needs of the client, Shuliy Machinery recommended a high-performance copper recycling machine with a production capacity of 300kg/h.

This automated solution promised to revolutionize their copper recovery process, ensuring higher efficiency, reduced labor costs, and a streamlined recycling operation.

Upon the client’s approval, Shuliy’s copper recycling machine was swiftly exported to the Philippines and integrated into their existing recycling setup. Shuliy’s team provided comprehensive training to ensure the client’s staff could operate the equipment efficiently.

Key features of Shuliy’s cable wire recycling machine

  1. High Production Capacity: Capable of processing 300kg of cable wires per hour.
  2. Automatic Stripping: Eliminates the need for manual labor in the stripping process.
  3. Copper Recovery Efficiency: Ensures a high yield of pure copper from cable wires.
  4. User-Friendly Operation: Designed for ease of use and minimal maintenance.


This case study exemplifies the transformative impact of Shuliy’s advanced copper recycling technology on a small-scale scrapyard in the Philippines. By embracing automated solutions, businesses in the recycling industry can not only improve operational efficiency but also contribute significantly to the global effort for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. Shuliy Machinery remains committed to empowering recycling businesses worldwide with innovative and efficient solutions.

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