Aluminum plastic separator machine

Blister pack aluminum plastic separator machine

The aluminum plastic separator machine, also called Aluminum Plastic Board Pulverizer, is a set of specialized equipment that separates the aluminum-plastic composite waste to recycle metal aluminum and plastic.

AC radiator copper and aluminum separator

AC radiator copper and aluminum separator

Air conditioner copper and aluminum separator is professional equipment for separating aluminum foil and copper pipe. This machine is suitable for separating copper and aluminum in waste air conditioner radiator and waste car radiator water tank. It has a high separation rate. Structural composition of copper and aluminum separator This machine is mainly composed of […]

Electrostatic separator

electrostatic separator

The electrostatic separator (aluminum-plastic separator) uses the principle of different conductivity of objects to separate conductive and non-conducting substances in a high-voltage electric field. In terms of cable recycling, this machine mainly separates plastic and copper particles to achieve the purpose of complete separation. Application range of electrostatic separator Extract metal materials from plastic. For example, […]