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Waste wood timber shredder | Scrap wood recycling machine in Ireland

The waste wood timber shredder machine can recycle many kinds of scrap wooden materials, like timber, wood pallet, wood building materials, and others. The scrape wood recycling machine has multiple capacities for customers’ choice. And the shredder machine can also recycle many other materials, like cables, plastic pallets, etc. Customers could also customize the cutting rollers, ladders, or other parts.

Raw materials of shredder machine

This machine could tear waste wood timber, wood lumber, wood pallet, wooden building materials, wood construction materials, scrap wood, etc.

wood raw materials
wood raw materials

How does the scrape wood recycling machine work?

waste wood timber shredder
waste wood timber shredder

The raw material is drawn in by two rotor shafts. The axis rotates alternately inward or outward. Each shaft is equipped with a row of shredding knives. The rotating shredding knife body is surrounded by a fixed shredding table, beams, and scrapers. The crushing process is not only carried out between the rotating shredding knives but also through the stationary mounting parts. During this period, the machine automatically runs in different directions of rotation in sequence. When the feed reaches the set size, it will fall downwards.

The double shaft shredder can meet the waste recycling requirements of various industries, and fully embodies the superiority of the low-speed, large-torque shear design. The shredded materials can be recycled directly or further refined according to requirements. The waste wood timber shredder machine shell is composed of a very strong integrated steel welded structure. This also ensures that the machine can easily withstand extremely high loads.

Advantages of waste wood timber shredder

  • Replaceable cutting rollers
waste wood timber shredder details
waste wood timber shredder details
  • Protective railing
  • Tailor-made discharging hopper
  • Two reducer parts
scrap wood recycling machine
scrap wood recycling machine
  • With Ladders
  • Wide applications
application of electric wire crusher
shredder machine application

This double shaft plastic shredder machine can process various waste materials, like plastic pallets, waste tyres, wood timber, woven bags, etc.

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