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Plastic pallet shredder machine in Japan

Plastic pallet shredder machine

This plastic pallet shredder machine can tear many kinds of raw materials, including cables, tyres, cars, wood, bags, and others. The equipment is suitable for the pro-processed machine of the plastic recycling production line. The processed plastic waste flakes can be easy to package, transport, and recycle.

How does the plastic pallet shredder machine in Japan work?

The shredder is a low-speed, high-torque twin-shaft crusher. Each axis is equipped with a rotating cutter, which can reliably tear the feed material. This machine is suitable for pre-crushing heavy or bulky materials (for example domestic waste, industrial waste, commercial waste, bulky waste, and construction waste).

Plastic pallet shredder machine in Japan
Plastic pallet shredder machine in Japan

Features of plastic pallet shredder machine in Japan

  • Targeted crushing effect

Reliable crushing, and homogenization treatment to the required particle size.
Smooth downstream process steps

  • Efficient double crushing effect

A powerful crushing effect is achieved between the rotating cutter and the shredding table or beam fixed under the shaft

  • Forward and backward program

Powerful crushing of the extremely coarse feed
Prevent materials from forming bridges

  • Economical operating costs

Rotating and stationary shredding knives evenly load the entire length
The rotor shaft and shredding table can be regenerated multiple times by overlay welding

  • High utilization

Long life of wearing parts
Quickly replace the rotor shaft through the quick-change system

  • High throughput

High torque drive
Can be put into three-shift operation immediately

  • flexible

Decompose multiple feeds
Due to the relatively large shaft diameter, the shredding tool can safely handle even large or bulky feeds

  • Integrated equipment base frame

One-piece steel welded structure is extremely strong
No fragile bolt connection
Long machine life

plastic pallet crusher in Japan
plastic pallet crusher in Japan

Platic pallet crusher machine structure

  • Feed hopper

The plastic shredder machine is fed through a large central feeding hopper. In addition to standard solutions, hoppers can also be customized for customers.

  • Machine housing

The machine shell is composed of a very strong integrated steel welded structure. This also ensures that the machine can easily withstand extremely high loads.

  • Shredding knives

The crushing process is carried out between the machine shafts equipped with shredding knives and is realized by the shredding table, beam, and scraper. According to the feed situation, the machine can also be equipped with a special shredding tool. These tools differ in diameter and shape. In this regard, it is also necessary to adjust the structure of the shredder.

  • Drive device

Each crankshaft is driven independently. This machine can be driven by a hydraulic or electric motor. In both cases, a drive device with a standard industrial transmission and a variable speed adjustment device is used. The control device and the drive device can adjust the rotation direction switching sequence for the crushed materials.

  • Hydraulic pusher

Optional hydraulic pusher. It can ensure the continuity of feeding when the feeding volume is large, lightweight, or batch feeding.

  • Shredders and beams

The lower part of the two rotor shafts has a single-part box-shaped shredder, beam and scraper. They can be easily removed and replaced when changing the crankshaft.

  • Replace shaft

After disassembling the feed hopper, the rotor shaft designed with a quick coupling will be revealed. This quick coupling is fixed by bolts and can replace the crankshaft without disassembling the transmission device. Therefore, the rotor shaft can be easily removed.

waste plastic pallet
waste plastic pallet

FAQ about the plastic pallet crusher in Japan

Can the plastic pallet shredder machine process waste tires?


Can the plastic pallet crusher machine be sent to Japan?


What are the raw materials of this machine?

The plastic pallet shredder machine can crush wood board, waste car, waste tyres, cable and wires, woven bags, waste plastic materials, and others.

How does the plastic pallet shredder machine work?

It tears raw materials through the pressing of two rollers and we provide different rollers according to the raw materials.

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