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Copper Wire Stripping Machine | Electric Wire Stripper

copper wire stripping machine

This copper wire stripping machine could peel the coating skin of waste copper wires, electric wires, computer wires, cable wires, and others. It has multiple models with different functions for choice. The electric wire stripper can match with the copper wire granulator machine. For those thick cable lines, the double shaft plastic shredder machine is suitable.

Electric wire stripper machine structure

This copper wire stripping machine includes a blade regulating handle, a wire entrance hole, a thickening angle bracket, removable wheels, an electric motor.

Electric wire stripping machine structure
electric wire stripping machine structure

How do you strip copper wire coating?

When working, find the right caliber and feed in order.

The wire enters through the feeder, the front blade cuts the wire, and a set of rollers automatically press the core and the skin apart.

Five sets of blades are added in front, and the wire enters through the feeder, which can be automatically separated from the top and bottom.

Electric wire stripper machine application
electric wire stripper machine application

Application of copper wire stripping machine

This electric wire stripper machine can process double coated flat copper wire, copper wire, hard leather wire, feeder, ordinary wire.

Usage of copper wire stripper
usage of copper wire stripper

Copper wire stripper machine parameter

single bladesingle blade
double channel
two channel
6 blades
wire rangeΦ1.5mm-Φ38mmΦ1.5mm-Φ38mm Φ1mm-Φ40mm Φ1mm-Φ55mm
dimension53cm*52cm*83cm54cm*52cm*84cm 62.5cm*55cm*84cm 62.5cm*55cm*84cm
voltage220V, (380V optional)220V, (380V optional) 220V, (380V optional) 220V, (380V optional)
power1.5kw1.5kw 1.5kw, (2.2kw optional) 1.5kw, (2.2kw optional)
capacity100kg-300kg100kg-300kg 200kg-1200kg 200kg-1200kg

Advantages of copper wire stripping machine

  • Double track roller

It adopts quenching heat treatment, high strength, wear resistance, network pattern friction force is large.

  • Blade adjustment handle

Automatic adjustment of blade pressure depth, wire core is drawn, the handle is raised, wire skin is not cut off, the handle is lowered.

Copper wire stripper machine details
copper wire stripper machine details
  • Inlet

9 round holes, +2 flat holes, suitable for application: 1-35mm can be used to peel round lines, flat wires, and sheath wires to meet different requirements of stripping.

  • Durable copper wire motor
  • Protecting cover

The use of thickened plate customization, to protect the equipment from damage, use more secure.

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