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Profitable aluminum-plastic packaging blister packs recycling business

aluminum plastic separation machine

Aluminum plastic separation machine (also called a medical blister recycling machine)can successfully separate the waste aluminum composite materials like medical blister packs into aluminum and plastic completely in a dry physical separation method, without causing environmental pollution. Thus, it facilitates an effective circular economy, opening up a new way to investors to get good returns. By using an aluminum plastic separator machine for direct production, aluminum powder and plastic can be completely separated. Aluminum plastic recycling equipment can not only recycle waste aluminum composite panels, but also recycle waste soft packaging bags, capsule blister packs, toothpaste packs, and aluminum-plastic plate trimmings. Aluminum-plastic separator can be used to recover the production of aluminum powder, which can be smelted into aluminum ingots and used as raw materials in silver powder factories, fireworks factories, and aluminum factories. Scrap aluminum-plastic composite materials recycling market prospects are great and profitable.

Prospect for aluminum-plastic composite materials recycling business

Aluminum composite panels (ACP) are favored by the construction industry because of their elegant and beautiful appearance, lightweight and convenient construction. However, with the rapid development of urban construction, the number of waste aluminum-plastic composite panels eliminated is also increasing. The aluminum-plastic separation machine will recycle the plastic and aluminum in the waste aluminum-plastic composite panels for reuse, which will add an effective green industry chain to the energy recycling industry.

Raw aluminum-plastic composite materials in various industries of daily life have gained common use, but they have also not gained effective recycling. The waste aluminum and plastic recycling equipment developed by Shuliy Machinery can be well applied to the crushing and separation of various aluminum and plastic composite materials including building decoration materials, aluminum and plastic board inner corner, aluminum and plastic tubes, medicine blister packs, composite aluminum and plastic cables, toothpaste tubes, beverage bottle seal, etc.

Structure features of aluminum plastic separation machine

aluminum plastic recycling machine
aluminum plastic recycling machine

1. The entire assembly line adopts PLC intelligent programming automatic control and a human-machine interface touch screen so that the entire production line can feed evenly and work in coordination.

2. The structure is compact, the layout is reasonable, the performance is stable, and the crushing equipment is noise-reduced.

3. Crushing parts of the aluminum plastic recycling machine are cooled by a circulating water refrigerator, which will not melt or discolor the plastic due to the temperature rise caused by the equipment working for a long time.

4. The aluminum and plastic are separated by physical crushing and electrostatic separation, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, replacing the original chemical separation of aluminum and plastic.

5. The whole production line is equipped with pulse dust removal equipment to purify the air.

6. The aluminum plastic recycling plant is composed of multiple machines, feeding materials at one time and carrying out multiple machines, coupled with automatic transportation, sound insulation, noise reduction technology, refrigeration system, etc., to achieve complete automatic separation of metal materials and plastics.

Aluminum-plastic recycling machine advantages

1. The waste aluminum-plastic separating machine can separate aluminum and plastic for the purpose of development and utilization, and has high economic benefits.

2. The aluminum-plastic wastes such as aluminum-plastic panels processed by the aluminum-plastic separation machine can maintain the quality of the original aluminum, and can take into account the advantages of recycling plastics, which has great economic advantages.

3. The waste ACP recycling machine has the characteristics of low noise, low power consumption, large production volume, and strong innovation ability.

4. The ACP recycling equipment adopts high-voltage electrostatic separation technology, and the utilization rate of its metal materials is as high as 99%.

5. The sorting purity of aluminum-plastic materials is high, higher than 99.9%, and the finished products can be sold directly.

The aluminum-plastic separation machine has excellent technology and broad market prospects. If you are interested in this business, welcome to consult us for more information and professional advice.

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