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ACP separator machine | aluminum composite panels recycling machine

ACP separator machine

An aluminum composite panel (ACP) is a new type of building decoration material, commonly seen in our daily lives. The three-layer composite panel has plastic as the core layer and aluminum on both sides. Due to the high output and wide use of ACP panels, a large amount of waste is generated, while the recycling value of aluminum on the surface of aluminum-plastic panels is high. The common aluminum recycling method is to open the end of the ACP panel and then peel off the aluminum. Separating the aluminum layer and the plastic layer of the aluminum composite panel is not as easy as many people think. It requires professional separation technology of the equipment. The ACP separator machine is the advanced equipment that separates the ACP sheets into aluminum and plastic. The scrap ACP stripping machine adopts dry physical separation with no environmental pollution and has good social and economic benefits and broad market prospects.

Market prospect of aluminum composite panels (ACP) board recycling

As a new type of building decoration material, the ACP panel has a wide range of uses because of its excellent processing performance. It can be used for building exterior walls, curtain wall panels, renovation and renovation of old buildings, interior wall, and ceiling decoration, advertising signs, display stands, and other projects. With the gradual increase of ACP boards in the market, the processing of scrap ACP has also gradually developed. In order for high recycling efficiency, it is necessary to apply a reliable ACP recycling machine with mature separating technology.

Why need an ACP separator machine?

1. High efficiency, simple operation, saving time and labor.

The traditional fire-roasting method requires workers to peel off with physical strength, and the working hours are long. It needs 2 male workers, pulling on both sides, which requires a lot of skill and strength.

ACP separating machine is pulled by mechanical force, and the operation is easy and effortless. It only needs to manually push the material into the port, and after the material comes out, the aluminum foil layer and the plastic layer can be easily separated manually. The output can reach 400-1000kg/h.

Acp stripping machine
Acp Stripping Machine

2. Safe and reliable operation, and no waste of materials.

The feed inlet and the heating system are designed reasonably to ensure safe operation. The traditional fire roasting method requires a high level of proficiency in the workers. Since the ACP board is placed on the fire, the flame will come out along the cornice when peeling off, and it is easy to burn the material.

3. Energy saving and cost-saving.

The main motor of the ACP sheet stripping machine is only 2.2kw, and the power consumption is low. The ACP sheet stripping machine can greatly save labor costs.

4. ACP board recycling machine makes no pollution and low noise.

5. Simple structure, stable and reliable performance, and long service life.

Video of scrap ACP separating machine

Main structure of the ACP board recycling machine

The scrap ACP separator machine includes a peeling mechanism, a discharging mechanism, rollers, a sprocket, a power mechanism, etc. The power mechanism includes a motor and a gearbox. The output end of the motor is connected with the input end of the gearbox through a belt. The machine structure is reasonable and the work is stable.

Aluminum composite panels recycling machine
Aluminum Composite Panels Recycling Machine

How to separate aluminum from aluminum composite panels? 

Because the composite process of the ACP panel is made of high-temperature thermal compounding, the ACP separator machine can separate the aluminum and plastic after heating to a preset temperature and then heating. Simply put, the peeling technology of the ACP panels is to separate a layer of aluminum foil and plastic of the aluminum composite panels.

The ACP sheet stripping machine produced by Shuliy Machinery adopts the separation method of propelling liquefied gas fire heating or heating with electricity to separate the aluminum layer and the plastic layer. Simply put, the machine is to bake the surface of the aluminum composite panels with an open fire, soften it and then tear it apart by hand.

Scrap acp stripping machine in operation
Scrap Acp Stripping Machine In Operation

ACP sheet separator machine specification

Our ACP separator machine has different types and models. The following is the general model. The standard voltage of the machine is 380V/50HZ. We can customize it to meet special needs including voltage, size, capacity, etc. The aluminum separating rate is as high as 99%, which can greatly increase the economic value.

Separation rate99%
Machine size (L*W*H)2600mm*1000mm*1000mm
Power2.2 KW

In the recycling of aluminum-plastic blister packs, aluminum and plastic also need to be separated. The commonly used equipment is a blister pack scraps recycling plant. The production process needs to go through the technology of crushing, grinding, and sorting, and the final products are aluminum powder and plastic powder.

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