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Aluminum plastic separator machine

Blister pack aluminum plastic separator machine

The aluminum plastic separator machine, also called Aluminum Plastic Board Pulverizer, is a set of specialized equipment that separates the aluminum-plastic composite waste to recycle metal aluminum and plastic. Pharmaceutical factories or medical institutions and other places often generate a large amount of aluminum-plastic waste, and the recycling value of these wastes is high, which can bring good economic benefits. The separated aluminum and plastic by aluminum powder recycling machine are of high purity. Aluminium and plastics are double recycled for a wide range of applications. Aluminum can be made into aerated aluminum powder paste, fireworks powder, aluminum ingots, etc., and plastics can be processed into sheets, used as fillers or extruded granules to make other plastic products.

Why to do blister packs recycling business?

Aluminum-plastic medical blister packs are the waste, defective product packaging and leftovers produced by pharmaceutical factories or medical institutions. There are single-sided aluminum medicine board and double-sided aluminum medicine board. The aluminum content of single-sided aluminum-plastic medicine board is generally 10-12%, and the double-sided aluminum-aluminum content is higher. Aluminum-plastic medicine board plastic is generally PVC material, but also PP material. The finished aluminum powder and plastic granules can be recycled and processed for a wide range of uses.

If aluminum-plastic composites such as aluminum-plastic medicine panels are not properly treated, they will pollute the environment. The traditional methods of incineration, water washing, landfill, and chemical treatment often bring about a lot of environmental pollution problems.

The latest blister packs aluminum plastic separator machine developed by our company is processed by dry method and physical method, which effectively makes up for the shortcomings of traditional methods. The aluminum-plastic medicine blister packs recycling equipment has mature technology, high degree of automation and high purity of finished products.

Scope of machine application

The aluminum plastic separator machine is suitable for the physical separation of aluminum and plastic of food, tablet aluminum-plastic packaging materials, aluminum-plastic scraps of packaging manufacturers, and various aluminum-plastic composite materials. Common materials include waste aluminum-plastic tablet boards, aluminum-plastic composite panels, waste aluminum-plastic decorative panels, aluminum-plastic door and window materials, aluminum-plastic sawdust, aluminum-plastic shavings, aluminum-plastic drill flowers, aluminum-plastic edge strips, aluminum-plastic capacitor materials, etc.

Application of aluminum plastic separator machine
Application Of Aluminum Plastic Separator Machine

Working video of blister packs aluminum plastic separating machine

Blister packs aluminum plastic separator machine functions and advantages

1. Intelligent system. The entire aluminum powder recycling machine adopts PLC intelligent programming automatic control and human-machine interface touch screen, so that the entire production line can feed materials evenly and work in coordination.

2. The blister pack scraps recycling plant has a high degree of automation, and the output can reach 200-800kg/h. Only 1-2 people can operate the waste aluminum plastic recycling machine. The equipment has stable performance, simple operation and easy maintenance.

3. The method of physical treatment: crushing, pulverizing, sieving, electrostatic separation method to separate aluminum and plastic, belonging to environmental protection equipment.

4. The aluminum plastic separator machine is equipped with pulse dust removal equipment, which purifies the working space.

5. Noise reduction treatment of crushing equipment, no noise pollution.

6. The separated material has high purity. The high purity of aluminum-plastic separation can reach more than 99%.

Aluminum powder recycling machine
Aluminum Powder Recycling Machine

Working principle of aluminium composite panel recycling machine

The aluminum plastic separator machine mainly includes aluminum-plastic crusher, aluminum-plastic pulverizer, screening machine, PLC, electrostatic separator, dust collector, air circulation system, etc.

The ACP separator is an environment-friendly production process in which the aluminum-plastic composite plate is roughly crushed and iron removed, and then enters the fine crusher and decomposes into a mixture of aluminum and plastic, and then enters the high-voltage electrostatic separator to separate it into aluminum and plastic. The whole process has no dust pollution, completely dry physical and mechanical decomposition and separation, and the metal recovery rate can reach more than 99%.

Blister pack aluminum plastic separator
Blister Pack Aluminum Plastic Separator

Technical data of aluminum plastic separating machine

ModelCapacitySorting purityDimension
SL-300200-300kg/hOver 99%7.5x6x4.2m
SL-600500-600kg/hOver 99%9.5×7.5×4.2m
SL-800700-800kg/hOver 99%11.5x8x4.2m

As a professional aluminum powder recycling machine manufacturer, we provide various models of relevant machines and supporting equipment. The above technical data are of three common models. For other capacities, we will offer customization services. Welcome to send us your specific needs for quotation.

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