An aluminum wire recycling machine (also known as a copper wire granulator) is used to separate copper or aluminum from plastic after crushing. An aluminum cable recycling machine is a kind of environmental protection machinery, with a simple structure and mature technology. The production principle of the dry aluminum plastic separator machine is mainly to use dry technology to pulverize and use specific gravity, magnetic, or electrostatic separation methods to separate non-metals and metals. As a scrap wire recycling machine manufacturer, we can design and produce equipment with different sorting effects and reasonable outputs according to users’ needs. Aluminum wire recycling equipment can bring considerable benefits of resource recovery to customers.

Introduction to aluminum wire

Aluminum wire refers to a metal wire-shaped material made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy. The cross-sectional shapes are circle, ellipse, square, rectangle, equilateral triangle and regular polygon, etc. According to the use, it is divided into industrial aluminum wire and process aluminum wire. The aluminum cable and wire are very light, the weight of the aluminum wire and cable is 40% of that of the copper wire cable, and the construction and transportation costs are low. Aluminum is anti-oxidation and corrosion-resistant, so the aluminum wire is a must-have material for high-voltage, large-section, long-span overhead power transmission.

Is aluminum wire cable recyclable?

Common old aluminum wires and cables in life can be recycled. People mainly get aluminum in it, which requires the separation of aluminum and plastic wire sheath.

There are many ways to recycle aluminum wire. Such as the manual peeling method, burning method, freezing, and mechanical peeling method. But to recycle multi-strand wires or cables, all kinds of messy wires, car wires, home wires, network wires, electronic wires, and other raw materials, the mechanical crushing and grinding method of an aluminum wire recycling plant is required.

Video of copper aluminum wire recycling machine

Advantages of aluminum wire recycling machine

aluminum cable recycling machine
aluminum cable recycling machine

Process flow of aluminum cable recycling machine

Mechanical crushing method: This method adopts the method of crushing and sorting. The waste wires and cables are peeled by crushing, and then aluminum and plastic are separated by specific gravity separation, air separation, dust collection, and electrostatic separation. The method has a broad application scope, and at the same time, compared with mechanical peeling equipment, the output of the aluminum wire recycling machine is higher, and the manual work intensity is greatly reduced.

final aluminum product of aluminum plastic separator machine
final aluminum product of aluminum plastic separator machine

Process flow: The aluminum plastic separator machine uses a pulverizer to crush the material into a length of about 3cm, then undergoes secondary shearing pulverization, and then is sorted by high-precision airflow and vibrating screen to obtain plastic and aluminum, and the undivided plastic is then passed through sorting by electrostatic sorter to ensure the reuse rate of the metal.

Aluminum recycling machine structure and parameters

OrderProduct namePictureSpecificationsQuantity
1Crusher  Crusher Motor power: 30kw
Blade material: H12
Screen Material: 314 / Carbon Steel
2Air sorter  Air sorter Dimensions: length 1500, width 700, height 2000mm
Power: 6kw
3Dust collector  Dust collector Dimensions: length 1400, width 900, height 200mm
Power: 5.5 kw
Type: bag type dust collector
4Electric control cabinet  Electric control cabinet Dimensions: length 600, width 400, height 1500mm1
5Vibrating screen  Vibrating screen Dimensions: length 2200, width 700, height 1100mm
Power: 0.75 kw
6Crusher cutter  Crusher cutter Size: length 325, width 80, thickness 20mm
Material: H12
7Crusher screen  Crusher screen Size: 610mmx610mm
Material: 314

Scrap aluminum recycling machine price

Aluminum wire recycling machine price is affected by many factors. Different materials cause different aluminum cable recycling machine prices. For a perfect and stable production line, it needs to consider the actual production situation, and increase certain auxiliary equipment, which will result in different prices. Customers should consider equipment materials, processing technology, the included accessories, services, etc.

An aluminum plastic separator machine normally contains the crusher, air separator, conveyor, and dust catcher, in addition to a magnetic separator, and vibrating screen. Besides, the customer may choose and buy some auxiliary equipment. Before purchasing an aluminum plastic separator machine, users need to understand their production capacity, and what kind of configuration in the process to reach the expected production effect.

copper aluminum wire recycling machine
copper aluminum wire recycling machine

How to increase the output of aluminum wire recycling machine?

In fact, the output of the aluminum plastic separator machine has a great relationship with the quality of the equipment, blades, and materials.

The important equipment to ensure the production volume and separation rate is the pulverizer and the booster electrostatic separation equipment in the copper rice machine production line. The two need to cooperate with each other to better improve the production efficiency of the copper aluminum wire recycling machine. If the production efficiency of the pulverizer is not high, it will directly lead to a decrease in the production efficiency of the scrap wire recycling machine. When working, it is necessary to ensure the uniformity of the feeding belt, not too fast or too slow.

When other conditions are equal, the automatic dry-type aluminum recycling machine will cut more thoroughly, with higher efficiency and longer service life, while the blades of poor quality will heat up and deform under high-intensity continuous work, thereby greatly reducing the working capacity of the automatic aluminum cable recycling machine. And in daily production, it is also necessary to understand the wear condition of the blades in the equipment, so as not to affect the production of the equipment.

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