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How to peel off the scrap cable cover quickly?

Strip the cable manually

The price of copper is the highest in metal recycling, and it also has the highest recycling value. But the recovered copper mainly comes from the separation of cables and wires, which is a headache, because most people don’t know how to peel off the cable quickly. So how can you quickly separate the copper from the plastic skin on the outside of the cable?

The most primitive method is to use a manual peeling method to fix one end of the cable, then use a knife or other tool to cut the cable apart, and then separate the internal copper from the external plastic. However, this method has certain disadvantages. First of all, this method is only suitable for larger diameter wires and cables. And it is absolutely impossible to achieve high speed by this method. What’s more, in the processing, you must take care of your hands, because it is very easy to be hurt by the knife.

Manually strip the wires
Manually Strip The Wires

The second is the use of incineration. Although this method can meet the rapid requirements, plastic materials will generate harmful gases such as dioxins during the combustion process, which will pollute the environment. Not only this, but the incineration method will also cause certain damage to the copper metal, causing it to undergo an oxidation reaction, affecting the quality of the recovered copper. This will directly lead to the poor price of your recycled copper.

In the past two years, due to the development of science and technology, some people have proposed the use of liquid nitrogen freezing and chemical reagents to remove the cable skin. First, the cost of both methods is high. In addition, the chemical reagent treatment method will inevitably produce some chemical reagent waste.

Copper wire recycling machine peeling
Copper Wire Recycling Machine Peeling

So, is there a way to strip the wire quickly? Is there any way that can not only ensure the quality of copper but also save costs?

The answer is yes. That is to use a copper wire separator to strip the cable. After the material enters the machine, it will be crushed for the first time, and various cables and wires will be processed into 0-3mm segments. The air sorting section then separates the plastic from the copper. Because the machine is equipped with a bag filter, it will not produce any dust pollution during the production process.

If you are interested in this machine, you can contact our 24-hour online customer service. They will recommend the right machine to you based on your needs.

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