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Copper wire recycling machine

copper wire recycling machine

Copper wire recycling machine is also known as scrap wire stripping machine, copper wire granulator machine. This machine can separate the copper core inside the wire from the plastic outside in a short time, so as to facilitate the recycling.


Wire recycling and stripping method

Due to the high purity of copper in wires (purity equivalent to electrolytic copper), copper in wires and cables has high recycling value. At present, there are three common recycling methods, namely incineration, manual stripping, and scrap copper stripping machine removal.


The incineration method is to ignite the plastic of the cable, leaving only the copper inside the wire after burning. The disadvantage of this method is that the combustion will cause certain harm to the environment, and it will also cause pollution during the secondary recovery.

Manual stripping method

Manually can only strip the larger diameter cables and wires. For small wires, there is no way for them to strip. In addition, the efficiency of manual stripping of wires is extremely low, the cost is very high, and fingers are easily cut. Therefore, this method is gradually being eliminated.

Copper wire recycling machine removal method

This machine uses a dry method to peel off the copper core and plastic. No reagents need to be added during the peeling process. The copper wire is hermetically processed inside the machine, so there is no dust flying. The efficiency of this machine is very high, the output is 400-600 kg per hour, which is equivalent to dozens of times of labor.

Structure and composition of the copper wire recycling machine

This machine is mainly composed of the crushing system, conveying system, dust removal system, specific gravity sorting system, tailing screening system and control system. Wires with a diameter of less than 20 mm can be directly placed in the machine for separation without classification.

How does a copper wire recycling machine work?

The raw materials enter the copper wire stripping unit and are crushed first. Separate the wrapped plastic of the wire from the inner copper wire and break it into materials within 3mm. Then, the material enters the conveying system, and the dust collecting fan collects and stores the dust in the collecting bag. After that, the material enters the sieving section, and the air sorter separates the copper and plastic and discharges them from different outlets.

Vedio: the copper wire recycling machine’s working vedio

Parameters of the Scrap wire stripping machine

Number Name Parameters
1Crusher Size :length1500*width1200*height2000(mm)
Motor power: 30kw
Cutter material: H13   
Screen material: 314 stainless steel
 power: 6kw (two machines 3kw) 
3Dust collector Size:length1400*width900*heigh200 mm
Power: 5.5kw
Type: bag dust removal
4Electric control cabinetSize:length600*width400*heigh1500mm
Electronic component brand: Delixi
5Vibration sieveSize:length2200*width700*heigh1100mm
Power: 0.75 kw
Number: 2 sets
6Crusher cutter Size: length325*width80*thickness20mm
Number:  14PCS
Texture of material:  H13     

Common problems of copper wire recycling machine:

1. Can different diameter wires be processed together?

Answer: Of course, wires with a diameter of less than 20mm can be processed together without manual picking. Save time and labor.

2. How big is the output of this machine?

Answer: The output is 300-500kg / h.

3. How many blades are there in the wire crusher?

Answer: There are 14 blades in the crusher.

4. How heavy is the machine?

Answer: About 3.5 tons.

5. Can the plug of the electric wire be crushed together?

Answer: Yes.

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