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Notes on the use of electrostatic separator

Electrostatic separator installed in Korea

There are certain requirements for the use of any machine. If it is not used as required, it will damage the machine, cause safety hazards, and even threaten the safety of workers. This is also the case with electrostatic separators. As a manufacturer of electrostatic separators, this article mainly introduces the precautions related to the use of the machine.

Note before use:

1. Before using the machine, be sure to connect the ground wire and check it. If there is no abnormal phenomenon, then it can be put into use.

2. Place the machine on a stable and dry floor. If the environment is humid, it is not conducive to the use of the machine.

3. Check the machine for defects. Do not use the machine with defective parts for work.

Note when using:

  1. Pay special attention to it during use. The inside of the machine is a high-voltage electric field. Pay attention to the worker’s safety during operation. On the other hand, even if the machine is completely powered off, do not touch it easily. At this time, the machine still contains a large amount of charge. Wait until the charge is removed before touching.
  2. Control the amount of material to be fed. If too much material enters at one time, it may cause a poor separation effect and block the machine outlet.
  3. The volume of materials entering the machine must not be too large. The materials are separated by the comprehensive force of gravity, electric field, and other forces. If the volume of the material is too large, the movement track of the material will be shifted. It causes poor separation.

Note after use:

1. After each use, check whether there is any residual material inside the machine. If so, please clean it up in time.

2. Add lubricating oil to the running part of the machine regularly.

3. If the machine will not be used for a long time, please place the machine in a dry and ventilated place. In addition, the machine needs to be pulled out and working without material regularly to check the operation of the machine.

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