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What causes copper separated by scrap copper wire granulator not pure?

scrap cable granulator machine

A copper wire granulator machine is a dry-type waste wire and cable recycling equipment. The scrap copper wire granulator mainly smashes and sieves the waste wires and cables with a high separation rate of 99.5%, so that the copper and plastic in the waste cables can be recovered. The waste copper wire granulator is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, effectively completing the separation and recycling of copper and plastic in scrap cable and wires. The cable wire granulator machine is of great significance to the development of the ecological environment and the utilization of resources. In actual operation, some users may encounter the problem of unclean copper and plastic products. How should this be solved? What should be paid attention to in daily use and maintenance?

Reasons for incomplete separation of copper and plastic

As a waste wire processing equipment, the sorting effect of copper and plastic is very important for a scrap copper wire granulator. The following is a summary of the common reasons why the copper is not separated cleanly by the scrap cable granulator machine.

  • Too-small diameter of the waste wire/cables processed. It will affect the copper-plastic separation rate, and the separation will not be complete. A waste copper wire granulator can process a variety of diameters between 5-20mm electric wire, miscellaneous wire, communication wire, data line, headphone wire, and other waste wires.
  • Improper production and debugging of cable wire granulator machine. It is important to install and debug the equipment before production, including load test, whether the separation purity and capacity meet the requirements. The copper cable granulator machine should work smoothly without strong vibration, and the fasteners should be firm.
  • Insufficient power of the sorting equipment or improper debugging. This will also affect the sorting rate. The solution to this phenomenon is to check and adjust the seal of the specific gravity separator. If there is leakage, replace it with a new sealing cloth. If the air duct is blocked, clear the blocked material in the air duct and restart the machine.
  • Too large wind power of the air separator and the vibration force of the shaker. The sorting work of the scrap copper wire granulator is mainly the combination of the air sorting system and the shaker to complete the separation of copper and plastic. The airflow specific gravity sorting system blows the light plastic skin particles upward through the wind and blows them to the plastic outlet, and the copper metal is vibrated to the copper outlet through the shaker. If the material is blown out by the wind at the top or front and rear of the air separator, not the cause of vibration, the size of the wind needs to be adjusted.

Precautions for the use & maintenance of scrap copper wire granulator?

scrap copper wire granulator
scrap copper wire granulator

Reasonable operation method

  1. Operators must check the scrap cable granulator machine to confirm that there is no problem before turning on the power.
  2. The start-up and shutdown sequence must be remembered and strictly enforced according to the requirements.
  3. Wait until the scrap cable granulator machine is running and stable before feeding and the material is discharged before shutting down.
  4. Feeding must meet the requirements of the cable wire granulator machine and the load, and feeding must be uniform to avoid equipment failure and crushing evenly.
  5. The copper cable granulator machine has a great impact during use and is prone to rebound phenomenon, so do a good job of ventilation and dust extraction.
  6. The current and power must be stable to maintain the normal operation.

Maintenance notes

In the use of a cable wire granulator machine, there are two parts that are more prone to clogging and need regular cleaning.

1. Feed port: feed is the main premise of the scrap copper wire granulator processing operations. For improper feeding, it is impossible to complete a variety of operational matters such as scrap wire and cable crushing and processing. The use of the feed port can appear clogged. If the material carried in the feed port specifications is too large, there will be serious congestion, resulting in a decline in the speed of feeding.

2. Screen: the screen is to filter the particles so that copper and plastic materials are purer, the main guarantee of high quality. After a long time of use and work, the screen will be extremely serious clogging. Therefore, when using the cable wire granulator machine, we have to clean them regularly to clear the blockage of the screen, which is beneficial to the processing effect of a copper cable granulator machine.

To sum up, if users want to ensure that the scrap copper wire granulator machine works effectively for a long time, and to ensure high purity and high efficiency, it is needed to pay attention to the proper methods for operation, daily maintenance, and inspection.

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