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How to recycle medical tablet blister packs in an eco-friendly way?

waste blister pack recycling machine

Aluminum and plastic medical blister pack are easily found in our daily life. Medical units or pharmaceutical plants produce a big amount of waste every day, and the production of pharmaceutical plants produces more tablet blister pack trimmings. These discarded pill blister packs contain high purity aluminum, so how to recycle these waste capsule blister packs? At present, an advanced eco-friendly way is to use the blister pack recycling machine (also known as the aluminum plastic separator machine) to physically separate the aluminum and plastic from the discarded pharmacy blister packs, and the purity after separation can reach more than 99.9%. The treated material can be sold separately with good economic benefits, truly turning waste into treasure.

How aluminum and plastic in medical blister packs are separated?

medical blister packs
medical blister packs

In simple terms, the blister pack recycling machine achieves the sorting and separation of aluminum and plastic from waste pill plates and trimmings through crushing, screening, electrostatic separation, and other processes.

Specifically, the aluminum plastic separator machine adopts dry physical separation technology. The crusher in the aluminum-plastic separating machine crushes the material dryly and then completes the dissociation of aluminum powder and plastic through the processes of secondary crushing, tertiary fine crushing, and electrostatic sorting. The crushed material forms a mixture of aluminum and plastic powder, which enters the specific gravity sorter to extract most of the aluminum powder, and after a high-pressure electrostatic separator, the separated metal purity is up to 99% or more, which can achieve a high recovery rate.

What are the advantages of a medical blister pack recycling machine?

blister pack recycling machine
blister pack recycling machine

1. The waste blister packs recycling machine adopts the physical crushing and electrostatic sorting methods to separate aluminum and plastic, which is environmentally friendly separation equipment, replacing the traditional chemical method.
2. The whole set of the assembly line adopts PLC intelligent programming automatic control and human-machine interface touch screen so that the whole production line is evenly fed and coordinated work.
3. The purity of aluminum-plastic sorting can reach more than 99.9%.
4. The machine output is large, and the equipment can be customized according to customer output requirements.
5. No air pollution. The blister pack aluminum plastic separator machine is equipped with pulse dust removal equipment. The dust removal rate is 99.5% or more, purifying the workspace.
6. Low noise. The machine has got noise reduction treatment.

Applications of recycled aluminum and plastic

  • Recycled aluminum by the blister pack recycling machine can be smelted into aluminum ingots and used as the top raw material for fireworks factories, and aluminum factories (refined into aluminum precipitates) with great market potential.
  • PVC plastic can be pressed into sheets, made into pipes for packaging and water pipelines, etc.

The advanced technology and broad market prospect of aluminum-plastic blister pack recycling machine will bring unlimited business opportunities and economic benefits.

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