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Environmental ACP sheet stripping machine in the market is very promising

ACP sheet stripping machine 1

The waste aluminum composite panels recycling market has begun to pick up, aluminum metal materials have been popular, and aluminum-related industries have shown improvement. ACP panels are mainly composed of aluminum and plastic layers. The separation of aluminum and plastics in ACP boards is a way to solve resource recovery. The ACP sheet stripping machine (also named as ACP separator machine) is specially used to separate aluminum and plastic for recycling through electricity or liquefied gas baking technology. The Scrap ACP stripping machine has simple structure, convenient operation, stable and reliable performance, and high efficiency.

Value and benefit of aluminum composite panel recycling

Aluminum composite panel is a composite of aluminum and plastic. ACP sheets are widely welcomed by the market because of their low cost and good performance. They are easy to process and develop rapidly. ACP panels are widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, box packaging, outdoor advertising, refrigerated transport truck boxes, etc. The annual scrap volume plus the volume of leftovers is still huge. Its inner layer contains a layer of aluminum, and the separated aluminum, plastic and other materials can be sold directly. However, due to the complex material of this kind of plate, ordinary people cannot separate this layer of aluminum and plastic without using a professional machine.

ACP board and separated products
ACP board and separated products

To do aluminum composite panel recycling business, the processing is simple, the profit is large, and the sales channels are also wide. The ACP sheet stripping machine price is reasonable and competitive. As long as the waste aluminum composite panel can be collected, it is half the success of this business. ACP boards are used in many places, such as building exterior walls, curtain wall panels, renovation and renovation of old building exterior walls, interior compartments, interior ceilings, decorative panels, and advertising boards, etc. Just pay attention to these places, it is easy to obtain the raw materials.

Features and benefits of ACP sheet stripping machine

The acp stripping machine is simple in structure, convenient in operation and stable in performance. The raw ACP sheets can be separated by electric baking and liquefied gas burning technology. The ACP peeling machine has no pollution, low noise and high efficiency.

The ACP stripping machine can be operated by one person, and the aluminum layer and the plastic layer can be separated by simply pushing in the material and pulling it out. The machine has the advantages of high speed and high output.

Separating process of Scrap ACP stripping machine

Scrap ACP stripping machine in operation
Scrap ACP stripping machine in operation

In general, the aluminum composite panels separation processing is simple, and only an ACP sheet stripping machinecan be operated. It only needs one person to turn on the machine, and then put the waste ACP panels on the machine. Finally, the separated aluminum and plastic panels come out from the other side. The price of final aluminum plates and plastic sheets separated in this way are relatively high, and this processing method is also very simple. One person can process several tons of goods a day. Moreover, the investment in this machine is relatively low, the income is stable, and the market prospect is broad.

If you are interested in the ACP recycling business, welcome to contact us for more advice. We would be happy to help you reach your business goal.

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