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Wire stripper machine successfully sold to Mexico

copper wire stripping machine

Wire stripper machine is also called copper wire recycling machine, scrap cable granulator,copper sorting machine. This machine can deal with waste wires, cables, mobile phone data cables, earphone wires and other wires within 20 mm in diameter. This machine is invented in the 1990s, and the current technology has matured. Now, it is playing an important role in cable recycling.

Not long ago, we received an inquiry from a customer in Mexico. He said that he has a budget of 80,000 yuan, and he wants to buy copper recycling equipment. Prior to this, he has his own factory, but the equipment used in his factory has lagged behind. The equipment used in the factory has a high requirement for the diameter of the cable, what’s more, the yield is not very high.

copper granulator
copper granulator

Since the customer always has the idea of changing the machine, he will browse on the website every once in a while. Soon he found us and got in touch with our sales manager Joyce.

He told us that he is currently in China, Guangdong. But he plans to go to Guangdong to see before buying the wire stripper machine and will contact us if necessary.

We understand this approach of our customers. Sometimes, when we buy a piece of clothing, we have to go to a lot of different stores and compare them before buying. And customers want to buy more than just a piece of clothing. What’s more, because of the good machine quality and efficient separation rate, we are not afraid that customers will compare our machines.

shippment of the copper recycling machine
shipment of the copper recycling machine

After that, the customer contacted Joyce again and said that he would come to our factory to test the copper wire recycling machine. We immediately communicated with the customer and worked out the itinerary. After the test machine was completed, the customer chose to buy the machine at our factory. We are grateful for the trust of our customers. But we are absolutely not afraid to compare with any factory, we know that the future of the machinery market is of quality.

At present, customers’ copper wire stripper machines are already in use. He said that compared with the previous equipment, this machine has higher working efficiency and a better separation effect. He will cooperate with us again if necessary in the future. We also hope that in the new year, our customers’ career will be further improved.

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