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What is the difference between a single-shaft shredding machine and a double-shaft shredder?

double-shaft shredding machine

The shredding machine can be divided into a single-shaft shredder, double-shaft shredder, and four-shaft shredding machine.

According to the functional categories of shredded materials, it can be divided into the plastic shredder, wood shredder, metal shredder, waste paper shredder, rubber shredder, tire shredder, garbage shredder, etc.

Different shafts of shredding machine

The biggest difference between a single-shaft shredder and a double-shaft shredding machine is that the single-shaft shredder has only one knife stick, and the double-shaft shredder has two knife rollers.

Secondly, the shredding principle of the two is different. The single-shaft shredding machine is equipped with only one moving shaft, and the blades are installed on this shaft, forming a mutual shearing form with the fixed knife on the box. The main shaft is driven by the motor and the reducer, and the material is driven by the spiral blade and enters the gap between the movable knife and the static knife.

shaft of shredding machines
the shaft of shredding machines

The double-shaft shredder is similar to the single-shaft metal shredder, except that the moving shaft becomes two, both of which are inlaid with blades. The two shafts rotate relative to each other. Because the blades are spiral, the material will be squeezed at the same time. The functions of pressing, tearing, and shearing enable the material to enter the equipment well and complete the work smoothly. The double-shaft shredder is equipped with two motors, which have enough power to crush some materials with larger shapes and higher hardness.

The single-shaft shredding equipment uses a motor, the power is relatively small, and the power consumption is not large. Small recycling waste materials plants are more suitable for single-shaft shredder equipment, and the processing capacity is not very large; the double-shaft shredder equipment uses There are two high-power motors and two reducers, which are more powerful and consume more power. This is the most obvious difference between the two. The double-shaft shredder has high working efficiency and large output. These are incomparable with single-shaft shredders. It is more suitable for customers who have requirements for processing capacity and finished products.

The raw materials for the shredding of the two are different. Some materials with lower hardness, such as plastic, wood, paper products, etc., can choose a single-shaft shredder, but some materials with higher hardness and toughness such as plastic film and rubber, Metal products, etc., these raw materials need to use double-shaft shredding equipment, the power of the double-shaft shredder equipment is large, and it can be shredded easily.

Shredders have different working principles

The single-shaft shredding machine uses a cutter head to cut, cut, tear, and pull materials. The direct-connected worm gear motor is directly installed on the driving shaft of the single-shaft shredder and is transmitted to the driven shaft through gear transmission so that the movable knife of the driving shaft and the fixed cutter disk on the housing form a relative movement. The spiral tooth cutter discs on the driving shaft are arranged in a staggered manner, so that after the material enters, it is simultaneously subjected to the effects of squeezing, tearing, and shearing, so that the material is broken. 2. Use the high-speed rotating impeller to agitate and tear off the long metal shavings. The high-speed rotating (approximately 1000 rpm) main shaft is connected in series with several special alloy cutters. The material enters the machine from the feed port and is rotated at high speed. The gears on the steel plate are twisted and torn into small pieces. The size of the sieve holes flowing out from the bottom sieve can be selected according to the size of the broken particles required by the metal chips.

difference of shredding machines
difference of shredding machines

The main working part of the double-shaft shredding machine is a pair of relatively rotating rollers, and the rollers are equipped with spirally arranged gears. After the material enters the machine, it is split, broken, and smashed into the machine after being bitten and pulled by gear teeth made of staggered rotating high-hardness and wear-resistant materials, and then forced out of the machine. The knife roller is driven by a motor through a reducer and has a large torque. When encountering materials with higher hardness, it will automatically reverse under the action of the PLC automatic control system, and rotate forward and backward many times until the material is broken and discharged.

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