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Why did someone lose money investing in copper rice machines?

scrap copper wire stripping machine

At present, due to the high price of pure copper, it is popular to use the copper wire plastic separators to separate copper. And then sell the copper for a high price. The price of recycling waste cable is not high, and the recycling equipment is also not expensive, so why do people fail to invest? Why can’t anyone make money?

What is a copper core plastic separator?

The cable stripping machine is a special device for separating copper and plastic in cables. After putting the waste cable into the copper recycling machine, it will be pulverized for the first time, and pulverized into 3cm copper segments. And then the metal separator will separate the copper for the first time.

After that, it will enter the second crushing. The secondary crushing is a shear-type crushing. After crushing, the copper and plastic are separated by an airflow sorting machine and then sent out after being separated by a sieving machine. Unseparated materials can enter the electrostatic separator to be completely separated.

copper wire recycling machine
copper wire recycling machine

What are the characteristics of the copper wire recycling machine?

1. High separation efficiency. After the cable is broken, the separation rate of plastic and copper can reach about 99.5%. The output range is about 100-1000 kg per hour, and customers can buy according to their needs.

2. Good dust removal effect. When the cable is broken, some dust will be generated. A pulse bag dust collector is installed inside the machine to ensure that no secondary pollution will occur during the recycling process.

3. Environmental protection. The machine adopts the dry separation method and uses physical methods to crush the material before putting it into production. It produces neither chemical pollution nor water pollution.

Why did someone invest in copper-plastic separator but failed?

First, maybe investors are using backward equipment. Some customers have purchased wet separators, but due to environmental protection requirements, this equipment has gradually been eliminated by society. In addition, the recovery price of copper after water washing is not as high as that of dry treatment.

In addition, the factors affecting customer revenue are multifaceted. The quality of the equipment, the size of the output, the separation is not clean, and frequent shutdowns and maintenance are all reasons for the loss.

Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leader in the cable recycling industry, and the scrap copper wire stripping machine is one of our main products. With a high quality machine and reasonable prices, it has been well received and trusted by customers. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

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